First things first

This place is going to be my personal blog. I am going to write about nerd things I don't generally speak with people. Such things include: Emacs, linux, vim, encryption and a e s t h e t i c s.

This blog is hosted in github, written in Emacs with org-mode and posted with Hugo (This is one of the topics I'll be posting later: How to blog with github and Hugo).

Recently, I started using emacs at work due to org-mode. I have used emacs in linux for a few months after loving LaTex previews (I am going to post about this later as well). However, at work I have to use windows under heavily firewalls and that complicate the Emacs installation.

I have always though that Emacs is neat. Just reading the name in a monospaced font makes me think that Emacs is elegant. I love Emacs and I used the vanilla key-bindings when I started using it, but never liked them. When I decided to used Emacs, I remember reading the documentation for minimal use and it went something like:

So you just have to press C-u C-x C-c … wait what??

I was very used to vim key-bindings, so the Emacs learning curve was very long. After some months, I was able to use Emacs comfortably for taking quick notes at work meetings and organizing my pending tasks (Yes, TODO's), but the key-bindings were tedious.

Luckily, there are frameworks that allows you to emulate vim key-bindings in Emacs. Some of these frameworks are: Spacemacs, Centaur Emacs and Doom-emacs. The latest, is the one I use now and installing in windows was and Odyssey but worth it!

The next posts are going to be about:

  • How to install Doom-emacs in windows
  • Org-mode & org-roam
  • … and we'll see.
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